Buy a PXG hybrid/Rescue.

Buying a PXG Hybrid/Rescue used to be more about the money you wanted to spend as opposed to comparing them with other premium brands, as they were at the top end of the price spectrum. However, PXG Hybrids starting with their 0211 model have been reduced down to allow them to be considered as an option for most amateur golfers. Design and looks are always a little different on the PXG product range, especially PXG irons but the PXG rescue clubs look quite traditional in shape and blacked-out appearance.
Performance wise the reviews are always complimentary, the high speed square face looks great at address and the adjustability lets you change the loft 1.5 degrees either way, but as with PXG Drivers we recommend you give them a try and get the best price using our GoLowPro service.
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