Buying a Mizuno Putter.

If you are looking to buy a new putter and Mizuno is not a brand you really thought about when it comes to putters then you are in for a real treat. Unfortunately, Mizuno will always carry the stigma of being a superb iron manufacturer and not much else, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Their drivers especially the New generation of ST-Z and ST-X will give all the premium brands a run for their money and their Putters which run under the M-Craft branding are nothing short of beautiful in all aspects of looks, feel and gorgeous finishing, plus you get a weight pack so you can interchange and get it to the perfect balance for you. We have both used a Mizuno M-Craft II previously and the feel is similar to picking up a Scotty, however, dare I say it, the quality feels above and beyond. So go and give a Mizuno putter a go and get a fitting, If you then buy a Mizuno putter you can thank us later :-).
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